Change is tough! It takes time and energy and when life is so busy, it’s easy to push even your most important long-term goals to the bottom of the list because they just don’t seem as urgent as everything else. This is a common struggle for many high-potential individuals, both professionally and personally.

So how do you ensure that you’re making progress on those important goals that have been on the list for months (or even years!)? Maybe you’ve always wanted to get that masters’ degree or to try changing careers or to volunteer for local charity or to start an exercise program or….sound familiar??

While there are no quick fixes, here are a couple things to consider:

1. Get clear on your WHY. Why is this change is important to you? What will be different once you’ve achieved or completed this? What will be different for you? What will be different for the most important people in your life? When you get crystal clear on the WHY, you will stay focused on your progress, even in the toughest times.

2. Build a plan. This doesn’t have to overly complicated or elaborate but write it down. Divide the project into measurable pieces. These smaller pieces become achievable “To-Do’s” that can be completed and importantly, celebrated as you make progress toward the bigger goal.

3. Find someone to hold you accountable. We all need people to help keep us on track. It is much easier to skip going to the gym if no one is expecting you there. But what if your friend is meeting you to work out together…now, it is harder to bail! What if you’ve scheduled (and paid for) a person trainer appointment? Now it’s even harder to bail and you are probably going to make it to the gym! Studies show…insert accountability reference?)

We all struggle with balancing the important with the urgent. These principles can help ensure you keep focused on those most important things, even in the busiest times.

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